Why grow a fat belly?

My belly at 100kg

The purpose foe which I am growing a fat belly is for me to know more about having a fat belly and to be better able to relate to other people who have a fat belly.
I am have now successfully spoken with many people about growing a fat belly. Even those who do have a fat belly!
As I think about why I have wanted to grow a fat belly at other times in my life, I have thought many possible reasons.
Yet I now believe that often we may choose to grow a fat belly simply for a desire to do so, not because of some perceived benefit of having a fat belly.
As a young child, I wanted to be bigger, and I thought I would be bigger if I grew a fat belly.
Another time I believe I wanted to be more significant, and I felt envious of those who had grown a very fat belly. I now wonder if they wanted to have a fat belly back then.
Other reason for having a fat belly is to play with it:
Being able to lift up the weight of it, squish it or wobble it.
To experience the joy of having grown a belly that is bigger than the belly of some rival.
To have a good excuse for not participating in physical education class, or to avoid some other undesired activity.
Because somebody who we admire, love or want to emulate has a fat belly
To not be like some skinny person who we do not want to be like.

Then there are the more subtle reasons for growing a fat belly:
The belief that it is difficult to be slim.
A desire to get back at some person who wants us to be slim.
Maybe also the desire of some person or business that wants to manipulate us to their advantage.